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When I tuned into today’s energy, I felt a resistance…as though some people were doing things they didn’t want to do and were losing their luster for life. Others were just sitting at a crossroads with lots of options in front of them not knowing which way to go or what to do. Some were so caught up in their mental reasoning about what they “should” do or what was “smart” or “logical,” that they were confusing themselves even more.

This is a time for discovery…for exploration…for possibilities…for changing your future to be what your heart desires. This is the time to place your order, so to speak, with the Universe and dream a bigger dream.

Revisit your childhood dreams and wishes. Watch for opportunities to present themselves to try things you’ve never tried before. This is not a time for commitment…this is a time for research. Try on new careers, ideas, beliefs, relationships, rhythms, patterns and see how they feel on you. Keep in touch with your heart center as you do this, observing the pleasure factor. The greater the pleasure, the higher the vibration. The higher vibration means that you will shift yourself into the dimension where your dreams currently exist…even if you have no idea what those dreams might be.

Trust that this time of research and exploration is supported by the Universe, for it wants to bring you your heart’s desire…it just needs to know what that is. So, as you explore, let the Universe know I like this. Focus on what you want…not what you don’t want, and you will be given options…similar to the optometrist asking you which is better: 1 or 2. Choose, and new options will be placed in front of you. Each time you choose what you like, the options will become more focused until you are faced with a beautiful, heart-opening, life-altering option, and all you have to do is walk through the open door.

Here’s to adventure, choices, free-will, and co-creation.

And so it is.