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My bedroom is on the Northwest end of the house with windows facing Southwest. This is fabulous in the afternoons when the sun streams in, cozy-ing up the space for a nap or reading a good book with tea. It’s not so fabulous for mornings…particularly cold, dark mornings. I am also a sun goddess who, like the sunflower, follows the sun wherever he goes. If the sun isn’t beaming on me, I tend to wilt. If the sun isn’t above the horizon, or even hinting at peeking over the horizon, only the greatest amount of effort can get me out of bed…into a cold and dark room. Because…being on the Northwest side of the house, my bedroom is the coldest and the darkest place just before dawn.

That’s what tomorrow feels like for me…that space of time just before the dawn. To be fair, this feeling may last longer than just one day…probably more like three months. However, tomorrow feels like a wailing day…as though many people are getting tired of holding their lights for so long…wondering when they will see any hope on the horizon of a new day dawning.

As lightworkers, a term which applies to anyone who is awakening into conscious living, our job is not necessarily to have an easy or peaceful life by avoiding difficulties. Our job is to stand peacefully in the midst of the darkest places and most challenging of situations and simply shine our light…without fear…without condition. It doesn’t mean to endanger ourselves, but it does mean that we will often be alone as a leader in a particular situation. Because of this, it’s natural to succumb to moments of doubt or loneliness or frustration or exhaustion. If this describes you at this moment, I invite you to tap into the depths of your soul, for that is what is being called for at this time.

Pull all your energy off of everyone, everything, situations, relationships, jobs, money, cars, debts, bills, plans, schedules, expectations, religious institutions, governments, health…anything that isn’t simply the pure essence of being. Bring your energy back to you at the level of your higher self, cleansed, cleared, and recalibrated to the present breath of now. Feel the pulse of energy as it fills you up again, reminding you of your incredible power. Pull it deep down inside your body…all the way to the coccyx, sealing the Divine Line to the spine as you go. Invite your body deva and team to do the same.

Then just be in the energetic juiciness of your essence. Allow it to flow over, through, and around you, revitalizing every cell, every thought, every aspect of you and your body. Then with gratitude, release all those lines of energy that don’t belong to you and/or have reached their expiration date…sending them all back to their right and perfect place, where they have the capacity to be received, along with all relevant and appropriate information. Invite your body deva and team to do the same.

Locate deep in your essence the sweet spot of hope and trust in the face of the unknown…in the darkest of places…after a long and tiring night. Feel that sweetness permeate your entire soul essence. Invite your body deva and team to do the same. Then, create a mechanism for this hope and trust to reflect out from your Divine Line…not to energetically leave the Divine Line…just reflect it to the world and those around you. Amplify the intensity of this reflection, building up the light around you. Then, gently spin this essence…creating a magnet for hope and trust, which will bring to you situations and people and resources that will support you at the level you support yourself in hope and trust. Invite your body deva and team to do the same.

In the darkest moment before the light changes, heralding the beginning of a new day, keep the light burning. You are never alone. You are always loved.

And so it is.