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Tonight, I’m grateful for the rain and how it cleans the air, waters my garden, and most of all, brings rainbows. I’m grateful for the incredible meld of colors in a cloud, and how a cloud never stays the same…it’s always shifting and moving and morphing into something new. I’m grateful for the way the earth sparkles after a rainstorm…dazzling my eyes with brilliance and radiance.

I’m grateful for my fabulous acupuncturist, and for his questions about my dreams. I’m grateful that he taught me a new way of interacting with my dreams during waking hours in this dimension. I’m grateful that by doing this, more of me becomes integrated into wholeness.

I’m grateful for my colored pencils and empty paper on which to manifest images from my dreams. I’m grateful that even though I’ve never taken an art class and have no idea how to draw, that I’m actually satisfied with my first picture. I’m grateful for all the help from the higher realms as I drew…that by following their suggestions, the faces hold expressions that are incredibly recognizable to particular people. I’m grateful for the laughter that I experienced when I saw those faces, and recognized the people from my dream for the first time.

I’m grateful that I finished my vision board for 2013. I’m grateful that it holds all of the beautiful things I intend to bring into my life. I’m grateful for some wonderful images that seemingly “fell into my lap” as I gathered for the board. I’m grateful for the changes that have happened in my life since I made my vision board last year. I’m grateful that this year the board is so much more me and so much less inhibited.

I’m grateful for light.
I’m grateful for hugs.
I’m grateful for job openings.
I’m grateful for music.
I’m grateful for dreams.
I’m grateful for my beloved.
I’m grateful for love.