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Today is about integration…merging of information between dimensions so that manifestations of intentions can happen. There are all sorts of ways someone may experience this energy. You might feel tired, like you can’t quite wake up…always in a dreamy or foggy state. You might hear ringing in the ears quite intensely…especially in one ear, and then it dissipates after a few minutes. You might feel an electric hum in the air, like electricity or lightening just before it “strikes.” You might feel full-body hums or buzzing or temperature fluctuations.

The first thing to remember is that you and your body are not the same consciousness. You, as a human personality, are a blend of two consciousnesses: the spirit and the body. The spirit is of the stars, is electrical in nature, and is associated with the upper chakras of the body…from the heart chakra up. The body is of Earth (Gaia), is magnetic in nature, and is associated with the lower chakras of the body…from the heart chakra down. The heart chakra (Anahata) is where the electric and the magnetic natures blend and hook together. So, if the heart chakra is closed or damaged or blocked for some reason, the spirit and the body will have a more difficult time communicating to each other…particularly when it comes to manifesting in this dimension.

The second thing to remember is that the body and Gaia (Earth) are experts at manifesting in this dimension. The soul/spirit really has no idea how to do this…it knows how to bring information and dreams and desires, but it has no idea how to manifest them. And, it doesn’t need to…all it has to do is get out of the way and invite the body and Gaia to do what they do best…bring you all the resources you need in beautiful and miraculous ways so that you can accomplish your dreams and desires.

In order to do that, the path for the information of intention to travel from the soul to Gaia has to be created/cleared/accessible. It’s fairly easy to increase the amount of electrical energy in the body…which is what is happening with all the solar flares and energetic downloads. However, the body may not know how to hold all the energy and can easily get overwhelmed. Rather than gain a lot of weight, eat a lot of food, or go into depression, which is the usual way of handling these situations, simply invite the body deva to increase its magnetic roots so that it can balance the electrical energy that already exists. Now, rather than have a bottleneck of energy buzzing around in the body trying to get to Gaia through tiny capillaries, there are now veins or arteries or thick trunks of passages and flow is achieved once more.

The third thing to remember is that this is a cycle. Once the magnetics are balanced, then more electrical energy will be downloaded, requiring you to balance the magnetics again. So, it’s a good idea to increase/balance your magnetics at least once a day…or as often as you remember, even if it’s every hour.

Here’s to a deepening of roots, thickening of magnetic fields, and flow.

And so it is.