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When I tuned into the energy for today, the only thing I could feel was an overwhelming wave of deep love as it engulfed me. I felt as though I had been picked up, and held up as one being honored…as though there is much pride, joy, and delight  in me, and the Universe can only celebrate my existence.

As you begin your day, pull all of your energy out of the past and the future…out of all lifetimes and dimensions…bringing your awareness into your Divine Line and the present moment of now. In the flow of the Divine Line connect vertically with the beings of love and light who surround you. Set the intention to bring them with you into your day…trusting that there is no judgement, only love and delight.

Next, exclaim with conviction your love for the things that bring you joy…including Friday, Venus which is the day’s ruling planet, and Freya, the Goddess of love who rules Friday. As you move through your day, take time to exclaim out loud all the things you love about you day (i.e. I love sunrises!) Then, open your heart to receive this massive outpouring of love that is streaming into your energy fields. Let it wash over you…engulf you…embrace you…lift you up. Feel and receive the celebration the Universe feels because you exist…for you are unique, and precious, and loved beyond measure.

And so it is.