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Tonight, I’m grateful for reconnecting with former students. I’m grateful that I know people in the town where one will be attending college next year. I’m grateful that my friends in that town are so willing to connect with him and connect him to the African community there. I’m grateful for hearing from a second student that she was accepted into the performing arts school of her dreams. I’m deeply grateful and honored that she called me just before her audition…asking me to help her with her anxiety and to help her energetically create the perfect environment so her talents could shine. I’m so grateful that it went according to the intentions we set together.

I’m grateful for a day to dream and imagine the future I want. I’m grateful for such a vivid imagination that I can instantly experience possibilities and know if it really is what I want to manifest here. I’m grateful for being surrounded by so many people who are on a similar path as mine, and the support they give me exactly when I need it…without ever knowing it.

I’m grateful for Facebook and the ability to easily and quickly connect with so many people I love who are spread out all over the world. I’m grateful that people are so willing to share their lives online so that I can feel connected to them so that our face-to-face experiences are richer and deeper.

I’m grateful for audiobooks that allow me to read a book while cooking. I’m grateful for authors who love to write light and funny romances that don’t require a lot of attention on my part, but bring a lot of laughs. I’m grateful for the time and energy to cook a yummy dinner and that there are lots of leftovers. I’m grateful for all the farmers who grew the food, the transportation industry for helping them bring it to the markets, and for the kitchen industry for providing the utensils for preparing the food.

I’m grateful for Shabbas candles and for the lovely ritual Mom and I are creating together as we welcome a day that has Sacred Feminine energy, nurturing energy, and joyous energy. I’m grateful for the peace and reassurance and support I feel when reciting the Shabbas blessing, inviting the Bride into our home.

I’m grateful for peace.
I’m grateful for laughter.
I’m grateful for expansion.
I’m grateful for radiance.
I’m grateful for certainty.
I’m grateful for love.