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When I tuned into the energy for today, I felt a gentle opening of the heart center…like a flower opening, one petal at a time…as though the flower was opening to see the world for the first time and looked around in awe, wonderment, and joy.

Sometimes, opening the heart can feel scary. Sometimes there has been so much hurt in the past that to open the heart feels dangerous and unsafe…there is a certain inevitability that hurt will happen again. This is where the magic happens.

Whenever we have placed our responsibility for safety on another person or place or environment…outside of our Divine Lines…we absolutely will be let down again…and again…and again. Under these conditions, vulnerability is quite risky. Additionally, the more we focus on the certainty of being betrayed or hurt, the more likely it will happen…what we give our attention to will absolutely manifest.

So, with each breath in, pull all your energy into your Divine Line…from all dimensions and all lifetimes…into the present breath of now. With each exhale, release all responsibility to protect another or have another protect you. Send all energy that doesn’t belong to you back to its right and perfect place, where it has the capacity to be received, along with all relevant and appropriate information. Find that sweet spot of safety within your Divine Line and anchor into that space. Radiate that safety into your energy fields and to the world around you.

Then, allow your heart center to gently, and slowly open…trusting that the Universe is compassionate and nurturing your greatest happiness along with you. Shield yourself from harsh energy throughout the day, protecting your tender shoots. Finally, express gratitude for the safety and compassion found within…which inevitably will lead to joy and love reflected to you from your outer world.

And so it is.