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Tonight, I’m grateful for my new juicer. I’m grateful for all the fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market and that it’s organic. I’m grateful that the juicer can produce such a wonderful elixir that tastes so delicious. I’m grateful for the incredible energy Green Juice gave me today.

I’m grateful for the lovely local pet store and all the super helpful and kind people who work there. I’m grateful that they work so hard to keep Macavity feeling good and happy. I’m grateful for running into an amazing friend there, along with her three Border Collie therapy dogs. I’m grateful for their unbounded joy at seeing me and their love they so freely shared with me.

I’m grateful for the local hardware store that has such kind and helpful employees. I’m grateful for the help I received from several of the employees, and the creative problem-solving skills of the manager. I’m grateful for the spray paint that came home with me, and the promise it holds to help me transform a piece of my bedroom.

I’m grateful for continued inspiration and conversations with my spiritual guides and team in the higher dimensions, and the messages of love and encouragement that come through to me throughout the day. I’m grateful for their help in writing and planning and dreaming and wishing and creating my greatest happiness. I’m grateful for the certainty that my greatest happiness already exists and that I can access it at any time.

I’m grateful for more clean-up work in the garage and a car filled with bags for the donation center. I’m grateful that I have so much that I can share with others. I’m grateful that the garbage bins were empty enough to hold everything I wanted to throw away. I’m grateful for all the stuff that I had that I once wanted so much. I’m grateful that I was able to achieve that dream and that it came to me. I’m grateful to have grown beyond its need into a new dream. I’m grateful that I can release it with gratitude and joy.

I’m grateful for the gift of imagination that allowed me to pretend I was driving around town in my new Fiat…and sitting in front of a fireplace as I ate dinner…and cooking in a fabulously designed kitchen…and sitting in a hot tub before climbing into bed.

I’m grateful for abundance.
I’m grateful for the present.
I’m grateful for life.
I’m grateful for joy.
I’m grateful for Macavity.
I’m grateful for my Beloved.
I’m grateful for love.