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When I tuned into the energy of today, I saw thick, rich, dark, loose, fertile soil…so dark, it looked black…so thick, it came halfway to my knees.

While normally the best time for setting intentions is during the dark phase of the moon, humans have created a marking of time by creating calendars. So regardless of the moon’s phase, because humanity’s consciousness is so supportive of setting intentions this week, let’s make the most of it!

What do you dream? What does your heart desire that you think to be impossible? What wishes have yet to be fulfilled? What do you want your life to be this time next year…two years from now…five years…30 years? What are you creating? What are you building? If you haven’t yet planted the seeds, do so…through a vision board, a ritual, a meditation, a salt bath, a bonfire…whatever speaks to your heart.

If you have planted the seeds, water and nurture them. Take one step today to remember, honor, and move toward making those dreams a reality. Feel into the fulfillment of those dreams and spend time in that energy. By doing this, you are bringing the reality of your dreams from the future into the present moment, charging your dreams with a magnetic energy so they will come to you.

What are you energizing with your thoughts and dreams today?