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Today is a day of integration. You, as a multi-dimensional being, have been doing a lot of work in other dimensions. All of that work will start to drop down into this dimension this year…once the foundations are completed. A chunk of that will happen today.

As it does, you may feel spacey or dreamy…unable to access your brain or thoughts very easily. Or, you may feel very tired and sleepy and want to sleep all day. Whatever it is you choose to do, do it gently…allowing yourself the space and time to just be as all the shifts and upgrades take place.

Finding time to have fun and ground will help the process…sit on the earth in the sun, if possible, or go swimming in the ocean, or give yourself an Epsom salt bath, or soak your feet in salt water, or go on a walk in nature…particularly around old trees. Eat green food, increase your calcium intake, and drink lots of pure water.

If you have to travel or if you have to do something today that doesn’t allow you to be still and in la-la-land, set the intention that all the integration shifts will happen during dreamtime. Be prepared for vivid dreams and, if there hasn’t been enough grounding work done, insomnia. I highly recommend downloading this meditation, playing it on a loop in the bedroom throughout the night in order to alleviate some of the sleep issues.

Wishing us a beautiful foundation day…preparing us for this magnificent year of love and hope.