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New Year’s Eve is a powerful time energetically. This one night holds so much hope, expectation, promise, desire, potential that it can be a bit swirly to experience.

Even though this is one of the biggest party nights of the year, tonight may feel particularly lonely. A relationship may have ended or is ending. You may have had a significant transition such as a move or a family loss. You may have unfulfilled dreams and feel as though you are less valuable because of it. Or, it may not be anything that drastically different…it may simply be that you feel different than you did a year ago. You see things and understand the world through a different lens, and your friends haven’t made that shift with you. And, standing in a room full of partying people, there may be a sense of futility…that no one understands you and that you are all alone.

We are moving into an energy of personal responsibility and co-creativeness and out of an energy of co-dependence. One of the patterns that has to shift as a result of this change is the pattern of support. We have been accustomed to finding support externally…through other people, events, lifestyles, jobs, relationships, wealth, victimhood, and disempowerment. This new energy does not support these patterns any longer. So, while you may try to find support in all the ways you have done in the past, they don’t work…and you will find yourself dissatisfied.

Rather than fall into despair and frustration, come into your Divine Line. Pull all of your energy off of the past and the future, off of everyone and everything in the outer world. Suck yourself fully and completely into your Divine Line, breathing only your existence in this present breath of now.

At first, it may feel as though you have completely isolated yourself and made things worse. Just wait. Stay in that space and let go…surrender to the flow within your Divine Line…like floating on your back in the bathtub…your ears underwater, eyes closed. Then connect vertically to your Higher Self…that part of you that contains the Divine Spark of Love…that part of you that is connected to The All and All That Is. Ask your body deva and team to do the same.

Then, ask at the level of your Higher Selves to connect with each other. Feel that energy flow down the Divine Line into your heart space, filling you up with pink and gold light. Ask your team to come closer to you so that you can feel their support…one in particular will be at your back…so strongly that you could almost lean back and let go. From this place, fill yourself up with your own pink and gold light…surrounding yourself and your egg-shaped cocoon surrounding your body…until you are overflowing with support, connection and love.

Now. Reflect this support, connection, and love…radiate it out on the world around you…and watch the magic happen.

With hope and love,