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For those who are interested, the full moon energy is about releasing the unneeded and unnecessary in order to make room for the new…the intentions set during new moon. This particular full moon is deeper than most, simply because the release is deeper…the intentions that are manifesting have been thousands of years in the making, resulting in dramatic shifts and restructuring.

One side effect of this process that is particularly strong right now is that of fear of the unknown…the restructuring of something no one has ever experienced before. This can create a heightened anxiety. When anxiety arises, one programmed current reaction is to try to control everything and everyone around you. You may find yourself nitpicking at your family members, your spouse or significant other, children, or co-workers. You may find that everything you set out to do seems to have some block between you and accomplishing that task. After several such experiences, frustration can escalate, expressing itself either through anger or tears or both.

The most graceful way of navigating this time of uncertainty is to bring all of your energy off the external world and back to your Divine Line. Then find that sweet spot of safety, security, self-control, and peace in that Divine Line. Then detach from all outcomes in your life and in society…simply observing from a place of safety, security, self-control, and peace, for it is only in this place that you can know what to do next…which may be simply to shine your light…to be.