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As blocks are cleared and things, thoughts, emotions, patterns, and relationships fall away, a profound sense of loss, grief, or even depression can arise. You might think that you have nothing to be sad about if there are no present indicators of loss and grief in your life…yet you may still find yourself easily crying over seemingly insignificant things.

Even if you are not aware of any particular loss in this dimension, there is a falling away in other dimensions. And, because we are multi-dimensional beings, some part of you is in tune with all aspects of yourself in all the dimensions where you express yourself.

The most graceful way through this process is to first create a safe physical space for your body to express the emotions. Then, come into your Divine Line and bring all of your attention and energy into the present breath of now…aware of your heart, your emotions, and your sorrow. While it may seem overwhelming, and it feels big enough to consume you, your body can only experience intense emotions for a maximum of three minutes at a time. If necessary, set a timer for three minutes, then allow all the emotion to rise to the surface, fully expressing them all through some sort of vocalization. Stay out of the head, and let the sounds express themselves.

As you surrender to the powerful energy of the emotions, feel their pulse…their flow…their momentum. Allow yourself to let go and ride the wave…letting the emotions lift you up and forward. In this way, you transform the lower energies into higher frequencies, letting them carry you ever closer to your greatest happiness.